Monday, 11 June 2012

1859 - Kingdom of Italy

I love particularly this figure, 54 mm it's my favorite scale at all....I must say that I've been really proud to paint him.
Thanks to MARIANO NUMITONE that has sculpted it and FigurinItaly's forum that has commisioned it. Beautifull figure, very very detailed and an high level cast.

Mainly I focused on two points...the flag, and the face. On this one I tried to give an aggressive and proud expression...working on the eyebrows and wrinkles and move the eyes to the right side.
I have used all VALLEJO colors, mainly brown sand, vermillion, and basic skintone for the base and lights, burnt cadmium red and black for the shadows, after done a pallet of colors I've used the blending technique to obtain a smooth transition.

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