Monday, 26 March 2018

Painting a face.. Sbs - 1

Hi Buddies..

Few persons asked me for a SbS face painting procedure..
I'm taking some pics of my last work.. maybe not the perfect figure despite the face is one of the best, but is quite tiny.. amazing, but tiny..
before upload the pics let me say doesn't matter of the technique used...but use the technique that you feel confident.
I've studied a lot and still studying to find out a technique that can give me a chance to sit down on the desk and do what I have in mind. I love follow seminars and study with others.. it gives the chance to understand something faster ansd clearer..but at last, something that you've already got deep into yourself...
I realized to be in the right way, when once on my bench the brush goes...just goes.. i take a breath..relax and let the brush go.
For now, I hope that the pics are good enough..

Base: Vallejo Brown Sand_876
1st light: Basic SkinTone_815 (30%) + Base (70%)
2nd light: Basic SkinTone_815 (70%) + Base (30%)
3rd light: Basic SkinTone_815

1st shadow: Base (70%) + Black Red (30%)
2nd shadow: Base (30%) + Black Red (70%)
3rd shadow: Black Red

put aside a bit of black and matt red 

1st step: lay down the base with the airbrush. I find that is faster and smooth..

2nd step:
I lay down the 1st, the 2nd and 3rd light to find out the volumes.. it doesn't need to much precision right now, the lights have to be solid, clear and in the correct place.

1st light: you can notice that the face is turned.. I want a larger shadow on his left side

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