Thursday, 19 January 2017

Bay Horse - Let's give some color on it

Hi Buddies...
So.. moving on with the teaser.. here, I'd like to show you up some color on my horse..
My favourite horse is the common one.. the Bay Horse.
Bay is a hair coat color of horses, characterized by a reddish-brown body color with a black mane, Tale, ear edges, and lower legs.
It's so intense and reach of tones that i really enjoy to paint it.
For this kind of coat, I decided to use the acrylics and oil technique.. technique that gives me the real sense of short hair coat, tipical of these animals.
Here you can see my palette, let me say that the brown color has really marvelous tones..

Acrylics colors and Oils are more or less the same tones..
some brown, orange-brown, balck and sunny skin tone for the acrilics
Burnt Sienna, Naples yellow, Umber brown, black and Titanium white for Oils

Acrylics for the base and oils for the transitions.. here the oils are still fresh

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