Tuesday, 24 May 2016

PEGASO Mini-Bust German Portait.

After months of an hard project, I had the need to slow down a bit... I needed something simple, fast and challenging at the same time.
The chance to have a piece like this, it was presented in Monte San Savino, where I met Pietro Balloni, that asked me if I was interested in painting a mini-bust for Pegaso .. I accepted with great enthusiasm and after a bit I started to work on it.
The time taken is very short and very relaxing .. a very funny piece, high quality and great gym where to train with the brushes.
Here a sequence of pics where I try to show the way to how I use the colors, find the volumes and then the blending process to obtain smoothness... is not a question of which color I use, you can use any kind of color.. but is the process itself used to obtain the goal that is important.. hopefully that it makes sense..

this picture is important to better understand where I like to put the shadows.. on his left side the shadow is larger then his right side. After put the lights, I fix the shadows with the darkest palette's color.

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