Thursday, 19 March 2015

How to make a belt with a sense of gravity...

Hi mates!....I'd like to share a little experiment that I I said in the title, how to make a belt that gives the sense of gravity...maybe someone could found it intresting..

see You!

start to take an electric Sellotape...cut a piece of it and remove the sticky thing with white spirit, we don't need to stick our fingers with the tape and ruin our figure...

then, take a cutter and cut a piece that you need, better if it's a little shorter than you need.

In this case I need a belt for my sheath I've positioned and sticked with a bit of glue the cutted tape as desired.

Now ..with a scissor cut the I said, bit shorter than you need, because you have to take an extremity and pull it toward the ring or toward the right position that you my case a ring, this gives the sense of weight.

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