Monday, 20 May 2013

Towards the battle....the white...

I think that the white is a beautiful color...(well...not-color) to see in a figure but really really hard to make, or better... to obtain something credible.
The good to paint the white is that you can use differnt colors to warm or to cool the tones...e.g. with the green or khaki (sort of ocre and green) to cool down, and brown, sand, buff, ocre warm...
only at the end you can use the white to give the sense of...white..

Follow, the palette for this figure:

Base: Marron Cubierta V986 + a bit of Ingles Uniform V921
Shadow: Base + V921
Deep shadows: V921
Light: Base + Hueso V918
Highlights: Blanco Pergamino V820

Marron Cubierta V986

Ingles Uniform V921

Hueso V918

Blanco Pergamino V820

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