Thursday, 7 February 2013

Battle of Ardenne 1944 - Errata Corrige

I looked up the error and I actually misread a caption of a book in my possession .... unfortunately the story "hey! There's a wehrmacht helmet! I pick it up!" doesn't work :D
... so I've tried to fix the problem ....

Thank you Rabmler86! I appreciated

Here you can see the edge of the Helmet ruined, to obtain this effect, I've used a pencil...

I'm thinking about if I have to ruin the shield a bit more or leave as it, at the end of the war they were unused...but it gives a bit of color....pity for the red... :D


  1. ciao Lancio,

    sono contento di averti aiutato a sistemare questo dettaglio! Secondo me va benone così come hai sistemato l'elmetto, da ancora di più l'idea del veterano.
    Aspetto un bel post sull'incarnato!
    Credo comunque che sui 54 mm dai il meglio di te, in particolare su questi WW2.

    un saluto

    Hi Lancio,
    glad to see that I helped you to fix that detail. I think now the helmet is perfect, It clearly suggest the idea of a SS veteran! I'll wait for a detailed post about fleshtones. I definitely think that in these kind of subjects you give your best!



  2. ottimo lavoro Lancio !!!!!!!!!!
    Marco Ganghini

  3. Gran bel lavoro Lancio, spero di vederlo presto dal vivo!