Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Battle of Ardenne 1944 - Step 2 - the head

With this figure I've tried an humbrol color (a brown/ocre) as primer. It has been given with airbrush, diluited with white spirit. The airbrush gives the possibility to have a fine texure and the humbrol should guarantee the opacity of all colors and not cover the details of the mini..
...actually I'm painting the head: face, hood and helmet.

In this step the face is not finished yet....but once is almost finished I paint the beard, adding a grey-blue color (943 Vallejo) and black to the skin tones....

Here the pics are really a closeup...but it helps me to study the details


I use to paint several things around the face to better understand....what I'm doing....
In this case I started to paint the helmet and Hood, same as the face they are not finished yet....I need to blending more in general and work on some details.