Saturday, 17 November 2012

IRON BRIGADE - Gettysburg 2nd Wisconsin Officer - 54 mm we go....finished, at last, after done Monte San Savino Show 2012 and some shots, I post the work finished....good, it won a gold medal in Master Open Figures, I'm really happy for this because Raffaele has done a real good job and I've done my best to valorize this little jewel....

Speaking of painting ... the biggest challenge was to interpret the blue, hard to keep down in tones and not to turn to azure with the lights, so better to work on the shadows with the black and orange and use the khaki for the lights.

the figure has been sculpted really well and I've tried to exalt it giving an atmosphere full of fury and charm...I focused myself on its (better.... His) glance....tiny...but reeeeeealy good.

well...hope you enjoy....

following a couple of close up regarding the eagle on the belt and the sole of the shoe....the good thing is that Raffaele didn't sculpt several parts, for example in this case, giving the opportunity to feel myself free to interpret the spaces...


  1. Too cool moves (very good ANATOMY miniatures) and the painting is incredible!
    Very well my friend!!